Quake Claw Flush Cup Traditional Rifle Sling Sand Camo

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The Quake Claw sling is very well known for their comfortable non slip slings. The Contour is no exception! This sling features a wide non slip pad that evenly disperses weight and prevents fatigue. The Claw line now comes with Hush Stalker QD swivels that are 25% stronger than traditional steel swivels and they do not scratch or mar wood stocks. The Claw Flush Cup Slings include attachments to quickly attach or remove from a rifle or shotgun with flushcups installed in the stock. So if you are looking for an amazing sling that will perform great in any condition look no further!

Specifications and Features:
Quake 57010-3
Sand Camouflage
Lightweight pad tapered to fit shoulder closely
Non-slip, plastic rubber pad remains flexible to -40º UV stabilized
Will not bounce on shoulder or retain water
Cleans with mild detergent
1/2'' of stretch
Includes Hush Stalker II swivels