From the beginning, CORE Rifle Systems has exercised a relentless pursuit of vertical integration. That is to say, the more parts of our rifles we make in house, the better. With that tenet in mind, we knew one of the most significant steps we could take was to bring our barrel manufacturing under our own roof.

We are proud to say that after months of hard work, investment, testing and retesting, every rifle built here at CORE will come equipped with a genuine CORE Rifle Systems button rifled barrel.

From the start, we had no intention of settling for just any run of the mill barrel. We tested barrels from several of the largest industry suppliers and used those as a baseline to be exceeded at all costs. To that end, we spared no expense in maintaining the production standards everyone has come to expect of CORE Rifle Systems to produce a truly world class barrel. While the term match grade is thrown around with reckless abandon, we have the highest level of confidence that the barrels coming out of our facility will meet whatever YOUR definition of that term is. To back that up, our industry-leading CORE Warranty puts serious teeth in that claim.