Sightmark Lens Cleaning Kit

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Keep your optical devices clear of dust and fog with the Sightmark Lens Cleaning Kit. This lens cleaning kit from SightMark is free of any petrochemicals, solvents or chemical surfactants, the cleaning solution quickly removes oils, smudges and fingerprints; leaving a streak-free and residue-free lens for vivid imaging. The formula makeup from the Sightmark Anti-Fog Lens Cleaning System forces moisture to spread evenly across the lens surface, preventing the creation of fog, which can be vital when dialing in on a paper target, a 12-point buck or performing security surveillance. The Sightmark Anti-Fog Optic Lens Cleaning Kit comes with everything you need to keep your valuable shooting and hunting optical devices protected from outdoor conditions.image

  • Removes oil, smudges, and fingerprints from external optics
  • Helps keep external optics from fogging

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