Customer Testimonials


"Okay, enough of the positive reviews on this Core 15. As a Colt armorer and an LEO who carries an AR as my primary weapon, there is NO way this rifle can match my dancing pony roll marked babies. 

I ordered a Core 15 last week and it arrived today. After cleaning it (man this rifle fits together tighter than my Colts), I bolted on an Aimpoint and some irons and headed to the range. 
As tight as this thing fits, there's no way it will cycle! Darn, it ate 100 rounds of 55 grain duty ammo, milsurp, and reloads. With my Colt's I usually can induce a jam by leaning on the mag. No go on the Core 15, I couldn't find a way to jam the darn thing. 

Okay, I KNOW my Colt's are more accurate than such an affordable rifle. Hmmmm, it's grouping as good as the Colt, maybe a little better...wish my Colt's trigger was as smooth as the Core 15. 
Obviously, this range review is not going the way I intended it. I wonder if I can get a pony sticker to paste over the Core logo? 
I'll check back later...this thing is fun to shoot. I'm heading back to the range with my Core 15!"

                                                         -AR15.com Member (Code_3) 


"All too often, the only time upper management hears from a customer is regarding a complaint.  This email is just the opposite.  Within the past 6 months, I’ve purchased your Core 15 MOE (and hope to purchase a Scout in the future) and immediately put it in my safe.  It wasn’t until yesterday that I finally took it to the range, along with my Sig 516…To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect, but after putting a 30 rd mag through it, I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to reload.  It was extremely accurate and performed flawlessly!  Normally I would have put 60-90 rds through it and switched to the Sig, but I enjoyed the Core so much that I put 180 rds through it and 60 through the Sig.  My only regret was that I hadn’t brought more ammo.  I’ve never taken the time to write a manufacturer to comment/compliment them on their product…you’re the first, which speaks volumes, as I have/had some “quality” rifles, BRO, Ruger, RRA and Sig.  Thank you for producing an amazing product…you’ve made me a customer for life!"

                                                         -Bob R.


"TAC III SBR continues to shoot well. Continue my thanks (armorer agrees) for your prompt and quality warranty service (unlike Remington). Added a Bushnell TRS-25 red dot, and am nearly zeroed (weather limited today's shoot). Will shoot the CORE carbine DI and piston ARs tomorrow if possible: they still have no issues whatsoever after over a year. Thanks to CORE for quality guns and service. I continue to recommend CORE"



"dear core 15 just received the 300 blackout upper order 12488 it is one fine piece of equipment it looks so good cant hardly weight to shoot it, thank you for the core melt down deal it was exciting and fun to participate in. I will tell all my friends of the great products you all have. it truly completed the combo that i already have. three calibers for one receiver that's amazing thank you again and keep up the great job. just awesome"



"I bought 1 of your Core 15 rifles about 8 months ago model 6408 I love it, runs like a dream, accurate and absolutely no issues, have probably 4000 + rounds down range with it. I've convinced several of my combat operators buddies to look into and some have purchased them. Looking into replacing my BCG with your CORE15® Nickel Boron BCG, any deals with price? Have found several with 129.00-159.00. Not sure about purchase of them although reviews are mixed, want to keep mine with Core 15 parts. thanks so much keep up the good work"



"I have enjoyed your rifle. I have a Core 15 m4 and love it. The rifle I got had some issues but Justin and your crew took very good care of me. I haven't had one issue sence. The Core 15 m4 will eat whatever ammo you put in it, as a good rifle should. Keep up the good work!"



"First and foremost..I love your products.7 months ago I purchased an M4 scout.1000+ rounds later I'm impressed.form fit and function have been flawless.my fiancee has adopted the scout.Not with intention I have expounded the excellence of your company and products.Ar-15goa pages have been my platform, the membership have embraced my opinions. I hope I have helped place you as the best weapon value in the AR market.I have proven the excellence of Core15 v/s the likes of Colt, LWRCand Daniel defense. Groupings don't lie.It has been my honor to try to help my brothers at arms.I will be in the market again for another scout soon, hopefully if will be a short wait, I will only buy from my local supplier, he i s also a vet and i s awaiting confromation on leadtime.I hope all os good for you and the staff.You have earned my respect and commitment.Semper-Fi, Whiskey6Alpha going ghost"



"I recently purchased a Core m4 .223 from Sportsman's Warehouse in Logan, Utah. I am writing to tell you how impressed I am with the quality and workmanship of this firearms system. I am a Retired Police Officer and have had the opportunity to fire about every brand of M4 rifle on the market, all of which were priced higher than yours. I found it to be equal or superior in all aspects. I will be recommending your line of rifles to the students in my firearms class here in Logan. Keep up the Good Work!"



"My armorer showed me how to re-install the MI hand guard that came off while shooting (only tightening needed). SBR TAC III continues to SHOOT without problems. Thanks to CORE for standing behind your gun and doing so promptly. The piston and DI CORE carbines continue to shoot with no issues whatsoever after 1-1/2 years and closing in on 1,000 rds.. Remington R51 is now 7 weeks and say they don't know when the gun will be returned, that the R51 is (quote) "a work in progress"! BIG difference in companies. I continue to recommend CORE every chance I get."