Is mil-spec really enough?

From the beginning, CORE15 has carved its niche as a company that doesn’t follow the cut trail. Every day, every model, every detail, we ask ourselves what can be done different, better. It is no different with our take on “mil-spec”. Much is made of the military standard, or mil-spec, in the firearms industry. To many, it’s a seal of automatic approval, a catch-all of quality and performance. Indeed, it can be those things. But in its most essential form, it is merely a set of standards and parameters laid out by the US Military, primarily in the interest of parts interchangeability, to establish what is acceptable or... good enough. At CORE15, good enough simply is not good enough. With countless receiver and barrel tolerances that are held up to 10x tighter than mil-spec requires, to parts and materials that far exceed the minimum standard, we simply refuse to hide behind the  mil-spec band wagon and leave quality and ingenuity on the table. From billet charging handles and back bored uppers to match-chamber stainless steel barrels and various Cerakote options, CORE15 delivers a level of quality and attention to detail absolutely second to none. 

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