CQB AR Upgrade Kit

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When you get that new AR rifle, it's almost obligatory that you upgrade it and make some changes. You want the gun to feel more comfortable and easier to use. So with that thought process in mind, we came up with a few upgrade packages to add to your gun once you find yourself in a position where you would like to make some worth while changes. This package is more geared towards an AR pistol but of course could be used to cut down some length on a rifle length gun. This package will come with:

  • Sylvan Arms Folding Adapter 
  • Magpul MLOK Angled Fore Grip 
  • B5 Oversized Trigger Guard 
  • BCM QD Endplate 
  • Blue Foce Gear Vickers 2 Point Sling 

If your firearm is tucked away in a tight spot, this package will free up a lot of space. Just by adding the folder you will save about 6 inches in length. An angled foregrip will aid in shooting stability and help with target reacquisition. You also need a sling on every firearm you plan to take with you, so why not choose one of the best. Blue Force Gear Vickers slings can be outfitted with any of your favorite sling hardware. Just like the other packages, we added some upgrades we truly believe in. The B5 Over-sized Trigger Guard and BCM QD endplate, two small items that can make a big difference.