Built upon the same principles as Eugene Stoner's original design, we use the basic receivers as the CORE of our AR-15 style rifles, and then expand upon that design by incorporating the many benefits of today's accessories into our rifles. We hold each and every receiver to exacting tolerances using state of the art machining processes.  By exceeding military standards, Core 15 ensures the best fit possible and can offer a more reliable, smoother functioning, and more accurate weapon that will provide you with the peace of mind that you deserve.  Whether a weekend shooter heading to the range for an afternoon of fun, or professional operator preparing for work, CORE15 Rifle Systems will provide you with the weapon to fit your individual needs.


***Parts descriptions for each rifle should not be used as reference for our older models as we have made many improvements over the years. These descriptions reflect what we are currently using to build each rifle. If you have questions regarding parts used to build a rifle that you currently own please give us a call at 352-401-9070 Ext. 200 and one of our receptionists can transfer you to the appropriate department.***