Accuracy, Reliability & Quality

CORE Rifle Systems continued research and development comes by no surprise. Genuine CORE Rifle System Barrels begin with raw bar stock cut to length. We then drill the bar stock and button rifle the bar stock. In the end, after all processes and procedures are met, we test our product.

In our pursuit of excellence we invested in the Bill Wiseman Accuracy Test fixture. During the test phase, we mount completed uppers onto the test fixture and lock it in just as you would on a complete lower. We then insert a typical magazine and fire for effect. The Test Fixture employs a pneumatic firing process which means no human error on manipulating the trigger. It fires the complete upper the same each and every time. By doing this, we look for initial groupings down range. We look for consistent three-hole groups on the target.

Our most important goal is to achieve a tight three shot group on the target consistently. This also works extremely well on zeroing optics to the upper. The results with our CORE Rifle Systems barrels have been amazing. It gives you immediate feedback on accuracy and consistency. We use the Bill Wiseman Accuracy fixture on both .223/5.56 and .308 platforms manufactured by CORE Rifle Systems.