CORE Armorers Course


CORE® Armorers Course
The CORE® Armorers Course is a two-day training course with the intentions of training individuals the function of rifles on the AR Platform, including; building from the ground up, assessing malfunctions, properly handling a firearms malfunction, repair, and of course, shooting them.
Sign up dates will be Sept. 1st - Sept. 30th or until class is full.
We will let you know when the sign-up form is available.
Dates: October 14th-15th, 2019.
Pricing: $399.99
Sign up dates: Sept. 1st - Sept. 30th
Courses will last between 6 & 8 hours.

Course details:


Students certified as a CORE Rifle Systems AR-15 Armorer will be able to:

  • Assemble, disassemble, repair or replace broken or damaged parts on a rifle.
  • Conduct inspection of rifles to recognize any possible issues.

Course length: Two days (Approximately 16 hours)

Students will:

  • CORE® Armorers Course instructors
  • Obtain a list of recommended tools
  • Document the repairs they will complete
  • Go through the cycle of operation
  • Build a CORE Rifle with a detailed explanation of each part.
  • Learn proper care and lubrication of the firearm
  • Field and detail stripping
  • Troubleshoot malfunctions
  • Take a written and inspection test at end of class
  • Take a live-fire test at the CORE® Rifle Systems range 


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