With the popularity of large caliber automatics growing every day, CORE Rifle Systems is proud to offer our CORE30®, combining CORE Rifle Systems relentless dedication to the cutting edge with the tried and true power of 308-class cartridges, the results are nothing short of astounding.

Born of a solid block of 7075-T6 aluminum, the CORE30® line combines CORE Rifle Systems trademark precision and unerring attention to detail with the finest parts and materials available. Machined in concert with the popular SR-25® style platform, parts interchangeability, after-market parts and magazine availability are not a concern. With four distinct models covering a wide range of uses and situations, there is truly something for everyone. From dedicated tactical platforms for our LE and Government, to the incredible precision of the LR line. If speed, distance and knock down power are your needs, the CORE30® line of rifles will accommodate your every need.