California Legal Changes

You may have heard that California has lifted its ban on high capacity magazines. This is exciting news, and if you are a resident of California you are probably looking to stock up while you can.

However, this ruling is not yet official. It was passed by a 3-judge panel in a 2-1 vote, but it still needs to be upheld by the DOJ and State. Unfortunately, there is still a good chance that this ruling gets overturned, making these magazines illegal to purchase or own once again. This has happened before, notably in 2017, and all sales of magazines to customers in California had to be returned and refunded.

If you are a California resident looking to buy high capacity magazines, you can place orders with us. However, these orders will not be shipped until the ruling is upheld by the necessary higher courts. We are keeping up with the status of this ruling and will be shipping orders as soon as it is passed or refunding placed orders as soon as it is repealed.

You may find other dealers who say they are willing to ship you these magazines immediately, but know that if the ruling is overturned, you will be responsible for returning the orders. This means you will need to pay to ship the orders back before you get refunded for the purchase.

Orders placed with us will be held until the ruling is resolved, and customers who purchase with us will be immediately notified of the status. If you have already placed an order with us, and would like to have it cancelled and refunded, please contact us at


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