Essential AR Upgrade Kit

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When you get that new AR rifle or pistol, it's almost obligatory that you upgrade it and make some changes. You want the gun to feel more comfortable and easier to use. So with that thought process in mind, we came up with a few upgrade packages to add to your gun once you find yourself in a position where you would like to make some worth while changes. Cue the Essential Upgrade Kit. We took a few items that we feel would make a great addition to any AR. We chose some great products we make as well as a few others from other manufacturers. If you're not wanting to break the bank, but still want to add some comfort to your AR platform firearm, this package is for you. It will come with:

  • KAK Ambidextreous Safety Selector  
  • BCM QD Endplate 
  • CORE® V3 Charging Handle 
  • B5 Oversized Triggerguard

This package, albeit very basic, will make a few things much easier. Ambi Safety selector if you practice off hand shooting, or if you're left handed will help tremendously. The BCM endplate will make attaching a sling to your rifle much quicker with the use of QD swivels. Having multiple places to attach a sling is never a bad thing. The CORE® V3 charging handle will make grabbing the charging handle much easier. That extended latch makes a world of difference. Finally the B5 oversized trigger guard. If you wear gloves while you shoot or just like the aesthetics over your traditional mil spec trigger guard, this will get the job done!