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Tannerite® Single Case of 1 pounders



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Tannerite® 1 pound targets are packed 10 to a case. They are called Tankers for a reason! For those of you who live by the “Bigger is better" philosophy. Tanker cases come with everything the regular 1/2 pound case comes with including a instructional DVD, written instructions, and mixing container. No haz-mat shipping fees! 


Download: CORE15 Rifle Manual PDF (6mb)

Download: CORE30 Rifle Manual PDF (6mb)

NOTE: Serialized parts are required by Federal Law to be shipped to an FFL (Federal Firearms License) holder. Please fill in the Ship To address to reflect the chosen FFL's Premises address.

To expedite the process have the FFL holder email a copy of their FFL to with your information (Customer's name and Order Number).


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