Date added: 12/15/2011 Justin Raney named Law Enforcement Sales Manager

Core 15 Rifle System is pleased to announce the appointment of Justin Raney to Law Enforcement Sales manager. Justin has been in the Core 15 Family since 2008 and is ready to take the next step in his professional career as we grow into a leader in the AR-15 M-4 Community. Raney holds an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice and is in charge of our Law Enforcement Division. He is very deserving of the position and has shown me and others in our organization his drive and attention to detail and most importantly the customer’s needs. Justin is another part of the evolution as we move forward in 2011 and beyond. Commented Israel M Anzaldua Vice President of Sales and Business Development. Please join me in congulating Justin Raney on his new position in the Core 15 and Blue Grass Family.


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Core 15 Rifle Systems, based in Ocala, Florida, produces a full line of AR-15/M-16 and M-4 Type rifles for Commercial, Law Enforcement, Government and International customers.  In addition to quality firearms with good value, Core 15 carries a complete line of parts and accessories.  As a wholly-owned subsidiary, Bluegrass Armory manufactures large-bore, bolt action firearms.


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