Got Nuts?

The barrel nut. Possibly the simplest, least sexy part on an AR. There is no tactical barrel nut. It won’t save you from the Zombies. And don’t bother porting it, polishing it and coating it with Nickle Boron because you can’t even see it. But let’s talk about what a barrel nut really does. It’s the one thing that ties your barrel to...well... your everything else. It’s concentricity and precision are absolutely vital to repeatability, accuracy and proper functionality.

Most barrel nuts are made of mild steel and are punched out with a die. CORE15 uses both a CNC lathe and a CNC mill to painstakingly machine each and every one of our barrel nuts from Stressproof® Steel bar stock. Indeed, we could easily buy them cheaper than we can make them. You ask yourself, “What kind of company does that?!”

See your nearest CORE15 authorized dealer and find out.

That is the Core Difference. See. Shoot. Believe.