Date added: 06/29/2015 CORE Rifle Systems CORE Ordnance Product Line to Include .308

As CORE Rifle Systems progressed with its own vertical integration, culminating in the manufacture of our own precision barrels, we saw the need to bring the final piece of the accuracy puzzle under our control. Enter CORE Ordnance. By combining the finest components available in closely controlled, small-batch “boutique” grade ammunition, we have closed the loop in attaining perfectly repeatable accuracy and unquestioned terminal performance in a fully integrated long gun system. Whether your day involves punching holes in paper, reducing the local varmint population or anchoring an angry hog at close range, CORE Ordnance by CORE Rifle Systems has you covered.

Utilizing the finest projectiles available from today’s top manufacturers, including Hornady, Nosler and Lehigh Defense! We then combine that with high quality Hogdon H110 powders. By doing so we have given shooters a wide variety of loads to choose from. Our 300 BLK ammunition is loaded from once fired Lake City 5.56 brass and our .223 is newly manufactured brass.

CORE Rifle Systems would like to announce for a very limited time, our newest .308 bullet at a very special introductory offer. This is a 168 grain BTHP Sierra MatchKing projectile. From now until July 4th, our "Great American Giveaway", you can purchase 500 rounds of .308 for $549.75! That is $21.99 a box! This is an extremely great price for a high quality bullet for a fraction of our competition!  Please take advantage of this incredible offer now! On July 4th, this price will end!

Other great offerings from CORE Rifle Systems!

  • CORE® Ordnance .223 52gr HPBT Sierra MatchKing (20rd, SKU: #12208)
  • CORE® Ordnance .223 69gr HPBT Sierra MatchKing (20rd, SKU: #12209)
  • CORE® Ordnance .223 77gr HPBT Sierra MatchKing (20rd, SKU: #12210)
  • CORE® Ordnance .223 45gr Lehigh Defense Chaos (20rd, SKU: #11692)
  • CORE® Ordnance .223 55gr Hornady V-Max (20rd, SKU: #11691)
  • CORE® Ordnance .300 69gr HPBT Nosler Tip (20rd, SKU: #11690)
  • CORE® Ordnance .300 155gr Hornady A-Max (20rd, SKU: #11693)
  • CORE® Ordnance .300 208gr Hornady A-Max Subs (20rd, SKU: #11694)
  • CORE® Ordnance .300 220gr HPBT Subsonic (20rd, SKU: #11695)
  • CORE® Ordnance .308 168gr BTHP Sierra MatchKing (20rd, SKU: #13209)

The results in testing with all of these offerings has been amazing! For these and all other great products from CORE® Rifle Systems, please visit:

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Founded in 2009 CORE Rifle Systems, is based in Ocala, Florida, producing a full line of AR-15/M-16 and M-4 type rifles for Commercial, Law Enforcement, Government and International customers. In addition to the manufacture of quality firearms and components, we carry a complete line of parts and accessories.

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